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Carlson Associates, Inc.      Land Investments & Development throughout the Denver Metro Area since 1973


  Phone: 303-457-2966
  Fax:     303-280-2978


Office Location: Get Map/Directions to our office
12460 1st Street
Eastlake, Colorado 80614


Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 247
Eastlake, Colorado 80614-0247


For Deliveries 12460 1st Street
Eastlake, Colorado 80614  

(UPS / FedEx may require use of Thornton, CO  80241)


Our Team:

   Lee S. Carlson, President, Broker/Developer

cell: 303-929-6989
e-mail: lee@carlsonland.net


   Clarke D. Carlson, Broker/Developer

cell: 303-324-8904
e-mail: clarke@carlsonland.net

   Clay Carlson, Developer

cell: 303-324-2863
e-mail: clay@carlsonland.net


   Scott L. Carlson, Developer

cell: 303-324-4179
e-mail: scott@carlsonland.net


   Kent D. Carlson, Developer

cell: 303-324-2210
e-mail: kent@carlsonland.net

    Ryan L. Carlson, Broker/Developer

cell: 303-898-0603
e-mail: ryan@carlsonland.net


    Blake R. Carlson, Broker/Developer

cell: 303-809-7930
e-mail: blake@carlsonland.net


    Steven E. Young, Broker/Developer

cell: 303-378-3123
e-mail: steve@carlsonland.net

    Terry Ten Eyck, Broker/Developer

cell: 303-981-6384
e-mail: terry@carlsonland.net

    Craig L Thornton, Developer

cell:  303-489-8769

e-mail: craig@carlsonland.net

   Cory J Thornton, Broker

cell:  303-921-9754

e-mail: cory@carlsonland.net